Tuesday, December 25, 2012

inspired. loved.

my soul longs for you. i desire to embark in this journey called life with you. to touch not only your hand but to touch your heart. i search the deepest seas to find this love that i will never let go of. you are the man in my dreams. you are the man i feel, although we have not met. your passion aligns with mine and together we will live our lives fulfilling it. your love for God is evident in the way you speak, worship, and serve those around you. like me, your life is not your own. your words do not belong to you. you live, unlike most, solely for him. the King. and together we will be a living example of his sacrifice, of his love. we have chosen each other. we have chosen to sacrifice the life of singleness to pursue a life of service. we will first serve our Father, then each other, and then we will serve the world in which God has placed us. no matter where life might take us. our love for our father, our reliance on him, will inspire our love for each other. each new day i am given i will chose you. because i do not believe in fairytales, i believe in a gift. God has shown me a love that has no boundaries and knows no end, that is how i will love you. boundlessly and endlessly. i will pray for you. i will seek you. i will walk along side you. i will never give up on you. pure joy is what comes from a love such as this. for love is the greatest gift of all. it hurts the most yet is the most rewarding and together we will endure it all. i am in awe of the man i know that the Lord has for me. as my heart continues to seek the Lord and only him, i am patient. i promise to not arise this love before it is to be awakened. God's provision in my life has been so very evident, my soul longs for his will to be done. My father is my first love and will be forever the first. because of the agape love he has poured into me, he has filled my heart abundantly with love for you. i long to fill your life with this love. my soul longs for you.

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